Keio focuses on creating long-term value for the company through sustainable development of our businesses as well as the communities in which we operate in.

We are committed to improving our approach by empowering our people to foster a better environment for the next generation while running a successful business.

Wages and Compensation

Keio offers attractive incentive schemes to reward good performance. We comply and fully adhere to the employment ordinance, minimum wage ordinance, employees’ compensation ordinance as well as occupational health and safety laws.

Labour Rights and Working Conditions

Our employees are our greatest asset and the bread and butter of our business. We rely heavily on their skills and professionalism to deliver quality services to our clients. Keio values workers’ rights and respects their freedom to join trade unions. We strongly protect the right to life, freedom and equality, ensuring that all of our stakeholders are safeguarded from abuses. We have also implemented strict guidelines to prevent discrimination in the workplace.


Keio is constantly evaluating the entire operation to minimize unnecessary environmental harm. We seek out the latest technologies in order to fully utilize their advantages for a cleaner and healthier future. We understand the importance of conservation and are proactively reducing our environmental footprint in all our projects.


Keio strictly prohibits engaging in any form of corruption. We engage in responsible business operations that aims to establish a moral transparency, fairness and integrity. As a preventative measure, the company has delivered the anti-bribery policy to all staff and has implemented a comprehensive system to monitor, evaluate and review the execution.