Rebranding of Keio

Keio Holdings is dedicated to constantly seek intellectual influence and pioneering thinking; we understand sustainability is the core and the future of business, hence, Keio is committed to the development of innovation and technology, forging a long term growth and nurturing diversification.

To create stronger connections with our customers, users, stakeholders and give them new insights into our business, Keio has launched a comprehensive rebranding campaign this autumn.

The Keio logo represents the companies of Keio Holdings Ltd., and its wholly-owned subsidiaries Keio Engineering Co., Ltd. and Keio E&M Engineering Co., Ltd., to represent our solid heritage over the past three decades and extend our unrivalled depth of expertise in engineering solutions.

Proud of its legacy, Keio is rooted in tradition yet keen to embrace change to further expand and diversify its profile. Under the new corporate structure, Keio Holdings Ltd. adds Vertices Co., Ltd. and Jper Technology Ltd., further strengthening our capabilities of providing timely innovative and value-added solutions to cater the needs of our customers.

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