New Food Factory in Tai Po


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Keio Engineering Co., Ltd.


New Food Factory in Tai Po

Following with the expansion of the Hong Kong’s leading food and beverage suppliers, Keio has been awarded a MVAC contract for the design, supply, installation, setting to work, co-ordination, testing and commissioning for its fourth food factory in Tai Po, Hong Kong.

Due to its unique industrial nature and product life cycle, Keio understands maintaining a precise temperature and humidity environment across the facilities is particularly crucial. Accordingly, during the design and planning stage we have taken this productivity factor into account.

To fulfill the requirement of the Licensed Food Premises, all our systems comply with British Standards Specification (B.S.S) and Codes of Practice, and the Ventilation Requirement of FEHD.

Keio has provided a central integrated MVAC system for this new built food factory, including Water Chiller Plant, Cooling Tower, Condenser Water Plant, Heating Water Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Circulation Pumps, Air Handling Plants, VRV Type Air Conditioners, Motor Control Centre, VAC Control System, BMS System, Electrical and Control Installation, and other related installation to cope with FSD requirement.

The project has been completed timely, thus, further expanding the productive capacity and performance of the client and reinforcing its leading position in the industry.