Vertices Co., Ltd

Vertices is the technological arm of Keio that offers high-tech solutions to the industry by injecting and integrating the latest engineering products and materials into current business models.

Vertices understands a need to constantly evolve with industry expectations. It actively seeks the most innovative technologies that enables clients to realize their needs.  

Innovative Brand

powerglass®, the world’s first transparent display device, has revolutionized the building materials and lighting sector by combining thin-film LEDs and ITO glass, perfecting fascinated lighting effects without wires.

powerglass ® creates a mysterious yet luxurious atmosphere by “floating” light in the air, producing patterns by using any number of LEDs within the size limitation.

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High-tech glass with built-in LED

The new technology of transparent display can be realized by using the transparent micro-spacing circuit of ITO glass without Z-DIOD, condenser and TR to control series of smart LEDs with low power consumption.

Keio Engineering Co., Ltd. is an exclusive distributor of powerglass® in Hong Kong and Macau.

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