We passionately strive towards providing solutions to our customers with utmost professionalism, organizational proficiency and reliability with a personal touch.

Core Values


We started our business as a MEP specialized contractor in 1983. With over thirty years of solid heritage, Keio has been committed to advancing the interests of our clients while boosting efficiency and maximizing performance. Our strength lies in understanding our clients’ objectives and ensuring our customized solutions are closely aligned with their needs.

Quality Services

Customer satisfaction and retention has always been our priority. Our company continuously expands to include a broad and high quality offering that enhances their business while augmenting their potential. Keio has established itself as an industry renowned integrated solutions provider, specializing in Electrical & ELV, Mechanical, Plumbing & Drainage and Fire Protection Systems.

Sustain, Innovate and Evolve

Sustainability is a vital element for the future growth of all businesses. Keio recognizes the importance of integrating sustainability considerations into business operations.  We have dedicated a tremendous amount of resources to provide seamless Repair and Maintenance Services to support our customers to foster a culture of sustainable excellence. We are committed to giving our customers maximum leverage to promote the longevity of their projects, while effectively reducing life cycle costs.

Industry Insights

The future prospects of the industry are optimistic. Proud of its legacy, Keio is rooted in tradition yet keen to embrace change to further expand and diversify the company profile.

Keio possesses industry insights that can add strategic value to our customers. With a sophisticated of our clients’ needs, we can provide timely innovative and value-added solutions to meet their needs.

Safety First

Keio is committed to make safety a priority. We demonstrate our commitment by achieving and maintaining environmental, health and safety excellence. Working conditions are closely monitored to ensure that the working environment is safe and ideal. The company firmly adheres to the highest standard of quality and compliance by putting our customers’ best interest first without compromising on the safety of our staff.